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year deployed in afghanistan. both are in the army reserves. next the bad. the worst driving lesson ever. the teenager with his learners permit was out with his dad in california when he hit the brake and gas pedal. he got them mixed up, hit the wrong one. thankfully no one hurt. finally the ugly, they are meant to keep you on your toes and in shape at work. but the truth is the exercise balls are hurting workers. there are reports people have fallen, sprained their knees and some even got painful shock because of them. >> be careful. >> another reason not to work out. >> time for your brew on the question of the day. we told you about an illinois village trying to force a church to make expensive repairs. the church said because of
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the cost they wanted to tear it down. josh tweeted the church is within every right to do what it wants with the property. >> bill e-mailed the village should have some say what to do with that village should have some >>gretchen: good morning. it is wednesday, january 30. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time today. tornado sounds ripping across the midwest. twisters ripping through. your first look at the damage. >>steve: secretary of state colin powell entered the no-spin zone and it was a bumpy ride. >> that's a bunch of
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nonsense and i don't have to answer idiotic questions like that. >>steve: you won't see that on "60 minutes." more from bill's interview straight ahead. >>brian: iran sent a monkey to space, and i demand to know why. so we have worked hard and booked a spider monkey named tarzan, and we'll get his reaction about whether his brethren going up and down in that weird head brace, and also will he get his own twitter handle like the iranian space monkey which we believe will land soon. "fox & friends" starts when tarzan says, which is now. >> this is the space monkey cruising over space watching the good people of massapequa. >>gretchen: you explained who tarzan is. is he going to be putting on a spacesuit?
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>>brian: you are looking at a photo of nature nick. he will be talking about why they chose the monkey and the rage in the monkey community. >>steve: the story is the iranians sent up a couple of days ago a monkey. we think the name is bobo. maybe we've given that name to the monkey just to show they are on the path to manned space flight. the iranians. >>brian: i thought it was in the rain forest cafe for a second. >>gretchen: can somebody answer why the monkey's half arms are yellow? >>brian: we're going to find out from nick shortly. >>gretchen: hopefully it wasn't from the nuclear warhead also attached to the space capsule he went up into. >>brian: let's hope not. i remember monkeys got a lot of press when "friends" was hot. in the beginning there was a monkey on "friends." and they just faded the monkey out. i'm going to ask the monkey
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that question. tarzan. >>steve: if he answers that will be a fox news alert. that's why we brought in his handler. >>brian: our top story today, dangerous or unusual tornadoes tearing across the midsection of the country right now. at least one person reported dead. >> new video from louisville, kentucky, where tornado sirens are blaring. last night tornadoes tore through mississippi uprooting trees. two other twisters touched down in arkansas and missouri. this morning large parts of the country are bracing for more. maria molina is tracking it all in the weather center. this has been a crazy overnight. >>maria: that's right. good morning. good to see you. unfortunately we still have more ongoing severe weather right now across parts of kentucky, the state of west virginia, down through portions of tennessee, alabama, mississippi. multiple states here involved. the severe weather this
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morning with a number of tornado watches in effect, many of these throughout the morning hours and the latest one issued across eastern concern concern including western portions of the state of virginia until 1:30 eastern time. a strong cold front continues to push eastward. ahead of it warm temperatures. that is what is helping the strong storms produce the severe weather. we had a number of tornado warnings issues. what these tornado warnings mean is there could currently be a tornado on the ground. you've got to take these warnings seriously. when they get issued for your county, seek shelter immediately, go to the basement or stay away from windows on the lowest level of your home. tornado warnings in effect for the southeast of the city of nashville, across tennessee and eastern portions of the state of kentucky. a serious situation ongoing this morning. we have a widespread area that could be seeing severe weather as we head into the later hours, during the
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afternoon and this evening, stretching across the florida panhandle, georgia,ial, the carolinas and alabama and as far as north as pennsylvania. heading eastbound and behind it much colder. 33 now in kansas city. 21 on the backside of the frontal system in minneapolis. that cold air is switching over some of that rainfall to snow and you guys in the studio, i want to point out we're talking about up to eight inches of snow possible across wisconsin and parts of iowa. storm what a storm. maria, thank you. >>brian: five minutes after the hour. >>gretchen: we have other headlines. last night f.b.i. agents descended on the office of a doctor suspected of providing free trips and underage prostitutes in the dominican republic to the
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senator. menendez denied the allegations. in alabama police trying to negotiate with a gunman holding a six-year-old boy hostage in an underground bunker. it started at 4 p.m. yesterday in midland city. the-year-old suspect boarded a school bus, shot the driver and grabbed the boy. >> he started telling him he needed a kid because something about the law coming after him. then he shot the bus driver and the driver's foot was on the gas, and we went backwards and everybody started screaming. and then the bus driver was still there, and we all got off the bus and went to a neighbor's house. >>gretchen: the bus driver did die. swat team members are on the scene and have been communicating with the gunman. the fighter pilot who went down with his f-16 off the coast of italy now being identified. captain lucas grunter is the chief of flight safety at aviano air base in
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italy. debris was found in the adriatic sea. he and his wife are expecting their first child in just a few weeks. it's a medical miracle. one of our country's bravest who lost his arms and his legs in iraq undergoes a double arm transplant. now six weeks after surgery, sergeant morocco out of the hospital. the 26-year-old from staten island, new york, lost his arms and legs when his vehicle hit a roadside bomb. the sergeant talked about what he misses the most. >> driving. absolutely driving. i used to love to drive. it was a lot of fun for me. so i'm really looking forward to getting back to that. >>gretchen: doctors say that the nerves in his arms will regenerate at the rate of one inch a month. so it will be about two years before he'll get full
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use of his arms. it's such an amazing story, the spirit of that young man. that should make us all take a step back and put life in perspective. >>steve: it is amazing because they are not 0 prosthetic arms. they are human arms. >>brian: 17 -- seven minutes after the idea. president obama laid out his ideas for reform of the immigration system. >> president obama took air force one out to nevada yesterday for the first trip of his second term to talk immigration reform. in a big high school auditorium filled with people chanting to "yes, it's possible." president obama essentially said he's glad a bipartisan group of eight u.s. senators has come together to put the ideas they share into an immigration reform bill that president obama didn't exactly endorse the bill because it hasn't actually been written yet. something the president did
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say, though, is that a top priority needs to be giving illegal aliens a pathway to citizenship. >> we have to deal with the 11 million individuals who are here illegally. we all agree that these men and women should have to earn their way to citizenship. but for comprehensive immigration reform to work, it must be clear from the outset that there is a pathway to citizenship. >> the president also said that citizens shouldn't have to wait years for their families to join them here in the states, and that is where the differences between the president's ideas and the bipartisan group's ideas come to light. the bipartisan group in the senate wants to make sure our border with mexico is secure before offering people who cross that border illegally green cards. >> if this endeavor becomes a bidding war to see who can come up with the easiest, quickest and cheapest pathway to green card possible, this thing is not going to go well,
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folks. >> the speaker of the house, john boehner's office, said they hope the president doesn't drag the debate to the left and disrupt the difficult work congress has ahead. >>brian: let's talk about where the rubber hits the road with the president and congress. the senate, the house coming out with their version and it is on border patrol. i don't think senator schumer necessarily agrees with senator rubio but for the most part they're singing out of the same hymn book. if the president says don't worry about the border. we have border crossings down 80% since 2000. we put drones and electronics up there, that's okay. i think that is where there is going to be major friction. if i were the president i would not want amnesty or pathway if the border is not secure. >>steve: look what happened last time, 1986 when ronald reagan signed simpson m i is soli that
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created amnesty but didn't secure the borders. what happened? millions came here. the worry is unless you fix the border this time, millions more. charles krauthammer addressed us with o'reilly last night. >> i'm not against this. i've been for amnesty for over seven years. but the thing i've tried to insist on, and i think has to be the core, is that you have to close the border first. because if the american people believe that these 11 million are the last to come in, they will be completely generous, as we've always been, to legalize them. but if they think that we're going to get swindled the way we did in 1986 when reagan signed the same thing and gave amnesty with a promise of enforcement, we're going to end up in 10, 20 years with another 10 million. and that's what we're trying to avoid. >>gretchen: interesting thing is that charles krauthammer went on to say is that the israelis constructed a fence and
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terrorist attacks are down 97%. he's talking about an actual physical fence and some sort of high tech fence which went by the wayside when they passed that in 2006. oops-see-daisy? is that me? the big problem is exactly what to do about enforcement and an actual physical fence. what is the answer with enforcement? >>steve: you think a monkey. i think steve varney. when the camera moves to that spot, there is only one thing. varney has entered the building and is working his way down the hall. can we get a report on this? >>gretchen: who bumped you, scott? he's not telling anybody. i think it's okay back here now. it's stable. >>brian: tkpwre khrepb, check -- gretchen, check down the line. is there a shot of stuart
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varney walking down the hall? >>gretchen: why don't you guys do a tease? >>brian: we want to watch. see what happens. >>gretchen: there he is. did you disrupt the camera? >> no, i was out here. >>gretchen: good morning. read the tease. >>brian: americans don't have a spending problem. we just have a fox news problem? >> i am not going to keep cutting the discretionary budget, which, by the way, is not out of control, despite what you hear on fox news. >>brian: senator mary landrieu is wrong, and stuart varney says her comments are really bad news for taxpayers. they're running now. and meet mr. big. this criminal, seven-year-old handcuffed to a pipe for hours, accused of scooping up five bucks from the ground. bucks from the ground. that story coming up. i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th,
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>> senator mary landrieu says america doesn't have a spending problem. it's got a fox news problem? >> i am not going to keep cutting the discretionary budget, which, by the way, is not out of control despite what you hear on fox news. >>brian: does blaming fox news explain why the debt is $5.6 trillion. >> i tell you where we start. senator landrieu is wrong. she says discretionary spending is not out of control. i'm sorry, senator, it is totally out of control. we spent $1 trillion on this discretionary spending in the year 2011, and it's going to go up 80% in the
3:19 am
next ten years. food stamp spending double. that's discretionary spending. medicaid up 37% in the last three years. out of control spending. the senator is flat-out wrong. >>brian: the focus here, if you watch her show, has always been on entitlement reform and restructuring, not robbing poor people. that's what the discussion has been, not the preaching. >> senator landrieu went on to criticize the republicans on the ground that they want to cut and slash social security, for example. that's never been on the card. what the republicans want and what conservatives want is reform of social security. what senator landrieu is doing is demonizing her political opponents to detract from and distract from the real debate that we should be having. >>brian: and here we go, another big hit on fox news. this sound familiar? so all these democrats are coming out and others are coming out of the wood work to say fox news is the problem. look in the mirror. meanwhile, a-123 battery
3:20 am
system put together in finance by the stimulus program and american taxpayers has been sold to china. >> the committee on foreign investment has okayed china taking over, buying the assets and technology of 1-123 batteries. american taxpayers put $249 million into a-123 and another $30 million from other sources. taxpayer-subsidized bought by the chinese. the problem here is that bought technology, which has military applications, batteries could go into satellite -- >>brian: who approved this? >> the committee on foreign investment, which is a committee of the executive branch which yes or noes foreign investments in the united states -- >>brian: they want you to fall prey to the headlines which says sold to the chinese to keep 1,000 jobs in michigan with the c.e.o. fired. the real story is the technology goes to china. >> the real story is it's another failure of the president's green energy
3:21 am
policy, another waste of money. >>brian: we're showing we're in the 21st century, because the simulcast, i'll pretend to be on radio and you pretend to be on television. >> and mient view with emmitt smith was better than yours. >>brian: that was so wrong. >> steve is on my side. >>brian: hypocrisy alert, one of the biggest supporters of gun control uses his own armed body guards to shut down a reporter. watch. >> in the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team? >> we'll get back to you. >>brian: jason mattera joins us next. man versus fitness? the most hilarious video the most hilarious video you'll see all day.
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>>gretchen: 24 minutes after the top of the hour. police in washington are looking for this man. they say he kidnapped a college student at gunpoint and forced her to drive his get-away car as he robbed a bank. after the robbery she dropped him off on campus and then she went to police. toyota recalling one million vehicles that includes corolla sedans from 2003 and 2004. they have faulty air bags. and lexus sedans made over the last six years may have a loose nut on the front wipers. >>steve: hypocrisy alert. our next guest asks new york city michael bloomberg why he defends himself with
3:26 am
armed guards while pushing for strict gun control legislation at the same time. >> in the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team? >> we'll get right back to you. >> you'll get back to me? would you like a sip of my soda? mayor bloomberg, why -- why can you defend yourself, but not the majority of americans? look at the team of security you got. and you're an advocate for gun control? >> driver's license? >> i'm not going to give you my driver's license. is this standard procedure for the press? we ask bloomberg a question, we get followed. >>steve: jason mattera has a syndicated radio show weekdays. he joins us live this morning. >> good morning, steve. >>steve: you had to take
3:27 am
the big gulp. >> i had contraband, a 3 # 2-ounce soda -- 32 ounce so did a which in march will become illegal. >>steve: i'm surprised you got that close to bloomberg. his security team was doing a good job keeping him safe but you were able to walk up. >> people were asking for pictures with the mayor and i think it was a straightforward question. me and my colleague, we were thinking why does bloomberg have his own personal roving swat team. and if he thinks that gun control legislation will keep us safe, then prove it, mayor bloomberg. prove it by disarming your own security team. i don't think he should disarm his own security. but why is his life more available than the average new yorker or, you know, an american in general who is looking to protect their person, their property and their family? >>steve: you're just trying to show the hypocrisy. you want to take away our guns, but your guys get to keep guns? >> yes. and bloomberg hasn't been
3:28 am
really asked a straightforward question like that. he thinks he's king philosopher of new york city. it goes beyond new york city too, because his pac pumps millions of dollars, $10 million in 2012, to house races for candidates who are opposed by the n.r.a. so this is a big issue for mayor bloomberg. but i think we need to not only point out the hypocrisy but also the after-effect. the fact that we were trailed by nypd officers who claim they had security jurisdiction which is a phrase that doesn't exist, by the way, to question me and show i.d. as though i was some teenager on a friday night trying to buy liquor. >>steve: you're right about the hypocrisy. look at "the journal news," the newspaper in suburban new york which published those names of people who legally had guns, and then what did they have to do? they had to hire armed guards to protect them in the fallout. >> absolutely. that's the point.
3:29 am
listen, americans know best how to protect their family. and you have, especially in urban cities, you have thugs, wanna-be thugs looking to vandalize homes. it's not like if congress issues a directive, if you're going to rob a home, do it by yourself. don't have someone with you, don't have an assistant. obviously criminals aren't going to follow that. therefore, why should mayor bloomberg and other politicians who have their own security teams try to restrict not only second amendment rights but the ability for americans to protect themselves with firearms. >>steve: you pointed out, you think he should have guns with security? >> absolutely. that's the point. >>steve: that's the point. >> exactly. he needs security just like we need -- >>steve: to protect ourselves. the good news is the mayor says i'm going to get back to you. look for a phone call later today. >> and if he doesn't, shocker; right? >>steve: jason, thank you very much. what do you think about that? e-mail us.
3:30 am
former secretary of state colin powell enters the no-spin zone, and it was a bumpy ride. >> that's a bunch of nonsense, and i don't have to answer idiotic questions like that. >>steve: you won't see that on "60 minutes." more from bill's interview ahead. a six-year-old handcuffed to a pipe for hours. his crime? the school thought he stole five bucks. happy birthday phil collins. just no fun to drive. now, here's one that will make you feel alive. meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max says ha. c-max says wheeee. which is what you get, don't you see? cause c-max has lots more horsepower than prius v, a hybrid that c-max also bests in mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
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>>steve: the government of iran says it sent an 18-inch tall monkey into outer space. according to reports it was a male monkey on account of in iran it is illegal for female monkeys to fly on rockets. by the way, this is a rescue monkey we're going to have to try to re-create that spider monkey. >> a squirrel monkey. >>brian: somebody took it mistakenly as a pet and realized i cannot control spider monkey tarzan and now it's going to end up in a trainer's hands. i found out i'm not allowed
3:35 am
to touch the monkey. >>gretchen: oh my gosh. why not? >>brian: the monkey doesn't like to be touched. >>gretchen: what was it sitting on the guy's shoulder for? >>brian: he chose to be on his shoulder. the monkey, they say, has the strength of -- >>gretchen: political correctness has reached the monkey population? >>brian: monkeys don't want to be touched. >>steve: did you see bill o'reilly? he sat down with colin powell last night in a wide-ranging and contentious interview. it was good. colin powell has been critical of the republican party in the past. what's his beef with the republicans? listen to this. here's bill and colin. >> now this is a rude question, and i'm sorry to have to ask it. are you ready? this is the scuttle butt in washington on the republican side. they say, has been said to me by more than one, that
3:36 am
you're angry with the republicans because they made you look bad in the weapons of mass destruction deal during the iraq war. i don't believe that. i have to go on the record saying i don't believe that that's what motivating you. i think you're genuinely a sincere guy and see it the way you see it. but this isund. cheney and these guys, you didn't like them. you had no use for cheney, no use for this war. you did what they asked you to do. it turned out there were no weapons of mass destruction and you held that. you want to comment. >> that's a bunch of nonsense. i presented the information we all had from the intelligence community. when i went to the u.n., it was with the assurance of the c.i.a. that the information i had was correct. mr. cheney had that same information. the president did. all of our commander thought it was correct. and we all were saying so. the congress voted on the basis of that information, and i did too. >> four months earlier.
3:37 am
>> right, before i spoke. so i made a choice based on the information i had, and i don't have to answer idiotic questions like that. >>gretchen: what he says is what it says down on the banner below us here, what colin powell, the general, says is the reason he voted and supported barack obama in the last two elections is because he believes that the g.o.p. party is separated and going too far to the right with some of the faction. and so that is why he says that he has voted for obama twice and supports him. >>brian: i also thought it was very good that bill pinned him down on john sununu and sarah palin. he didn't like their comments but he said you know both of them. do you think they're racist or have innuendo there? colin powell said no. >>steve: one of the reasons colin powell, who describes himself as a republican, voted for barack obama in 2008 and 2012 was he said he simply liked barack obama's economic plan better than john mccain and liked it better than mitt romney's
3:38 am
plan. >>brian: 24 minutes before the top of the hour. >>steve: more headlines. this kid was no killer, but his mom says cops treated him like one. new york city police department officers hauled this seven-year-old who is featured on the front page of the new york post today, out of his classroom in the bronx here in new york and handcuffed him to a pipe behind a chair for hours. then he was taken to the 44th precinct where he was interrogated for his family says ten hours. the reason? because he was accused of scooping up five bucks from the playground. khrarpblgs were dropped against the -- charges were dropped against the kid when another kid admitted the theft. his family filing a $250,000 claim against the police department. law enforcement officers insist the boy was treated like any other young suspect. >> help wanted. someone with a higher call in washington state is officially looking for a pop consultant. the state liquor control board will be meeting with potential candidates in a few hours. the ideal candidate should
3:39 am
know things like how it is best grown, how it is dried, how it is packaged and cooked into brownies. redo that resume. washington and colorado became the first states last fall to legalize pot for recreational use. >>gretchen: the drama with george soros and his soap star renewed for another season. a judge rejecting his create. the 29-year-old says soros reneged on his problem to buy her a nearly $2 million apartment. she also says he assaulted her when she complained. >>steve: you know the saying, no pain no gain. these people prove it. ♪ ♪ >>steve: this is hard to watch. first one okay, second one
3:40 am
okay. here's the problem. >>brian: elbows broken. whether it's treadmills, weights, bikes or whatever, this latest viral video shows the dangers of people trying to get in shape. no, no, please no. >>gretchen: i'm not watching. >>brian: this was posted yesterday. it already has 33,000 hits. no one's going to work out again. >>gretchen: that one's actually funny. the last two are funny and not dangerous. >>brian: wherever you are, if you're in that video, i'm sure you're icing something. let's talk to yankee superstar alex rodriguez once again facing heat over performance enhancing drug. according to a newspaper
3:41 am
a-rod received banned drugs over the last four years. rodriguez is rejecting the report. there's reports the yankees may try to void his contract. he's owed $114 million. if he is disciplined over the allegations, this will be his second time. a-rod isn't the only sports star coming under fire. explosive allegations just days before the big game on ray lewis. he's being accused of taking a banned substance as he recovered from a try accept injury in october. sports illustrated reports he took deer antler extract which contains a performance-enhancing drug. lewis dismissed it on super bowl media day. >> two years ago that was the same report. i wouldn't give that report or him any of my press. he's not worthy of that. next question. >>brian: we'll see because evidently the guy's got video of him on the
3:42 am
phone. those comments came as more than 3,000 members of the media filled the superdome for media day. we'll be able to do this next year in cold weather in new jersey. characters making it more like a media circus. here's questions on the dumbest questions they were asked. >> daniel boon. where did that dude go? what's the dumbest question you've been asked today? >> i don't know. probably that one. >>brian: starting friday i'll be live at the superdome leaving thursday. we have a great lineup of guests including adrian peterson. we have deion sanders lined up. >>steve: the tulane marching band. >>brian: and the cheerleaders. it will be a reunion of sorts. and drew brees will be with us. >>steve: that's a big show. >>gretchen: say hi to
3:43 am
adrian for me. >>brian: you know him? >>gretchen: i'd like to think i do. want to reduce stress in your life? our next guest says dump your friends. she'll explain this all in a fascinating new book. >>steve: from the we can't make this up files, lawyers for the accused 9/11 mastermind want a sleepover at gitmo to make sure that prisoners are being treated right. that's crazy. >> this is kind of serious baltimore ravens linebacker ray lewis today denied reports that he may have used dear antler velvet extract which is a banned substance like steroids. lewis said it's ridiculous that he would use deer extract and then he darted over a busy road and hopped -- [laughter] hi, i'm phil mickelson.
3:44 am
i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages.
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3:47 am
>>steve: dangerous twisters tearing across the country right now and now there's flooding as well. scott is in memphis with the details. hey, scott. >> live here at memphis international airport where we're experiencing major flooding. major system swept through the memphis metropolitan area around 10:00, 11:00 last night. you can see this via duct underneath an overpass where passenger planes go completely flooded at this hour here in the city of memphis. no cars are allowed to go through. but we have seen a couple of 18 wheelers successfully go by. down in the state of mississippi across the border, major, major winds. at least one confirmed tornado. other straight-line wind damage down there. very close to mississippi. across the state of tennessee, specifically western tennessee, there's
3:48 am
about 5,000 people without power. the bottom line, major damage, extreme flooding here in the city of memphis. back to you. >>steve: did you know your friends could be giving you high blood pressure and stress as well? >>brian: our next guest says it's time to dump them. >>gretchen: it is part of the new book "friend-fluence: the surprising ways friends make us who we are." here's the way we live now. people marry a little bit later in life so friends become more important in their singlehood, maybe in their 20's and 30's. >> exactly. people are not getting married. many are not getting married at all. a lot of older people are living alone. more people living alone than ever before. all of these factors converge --
3:49 am
>>steve: how do you know if a friend is wiping you out or building you up? >> some friends, we call them ambivalent friends. they have some good qualities but also underminus, stress us out. these friends can literally raise our blood pressure and cause stress. >>steve: you're hanging on to a childhood friendship. you're ambivalent toward the person, they push your buttons. we have good friends and bad friend. if the bad friend are pushing your buttons and causing you stress, you need to dump them? >> dumping is only in extreme case do you want to break up with a friend. >>steve: what would an extreme case be? >> they really are not supportive at all. i think you know when it's time to cut off a friendship but that can be painful. what i recommend is backing away from those negative influences and building friendships with more positive influences. >>gretchen: you say the influences do rub off on you, positive or negative.
3:50 am
for example, if a friend is jealous, which often comes up in friendships, your advice is to actually tell the person that you're jealous of them; right? >> i think that can be helpful if you're honest and say you're getting married and maybe i wish i were getting married or you're getting this promotion and god i wish i were doing better in my career. your friend can give you honest feedback. >>brian: i feel like bill o'reilly is jealous of me. maybe i should tell him. >>steve: luckily you're separated by 12 hours a day. it's interesting stuff. read about it in "friendfluence." carla, thank you for joining us. >>gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," you need money but is selling your house really the answer? dave ramsey here next hour. >>steve: iran sent a monkey to space, and we're about to find out why a monkey and his handler in another tv exclusive. brian, get ready.
3:51 am
>>brian: i can't wait. that's tarzan. he's almost as cool as he's almost as cool as bobo. ♪ alright, let's go. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate. 80 calorie chocolate cereal. excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir.
3:52 am
i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app.
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3:54 am
>>steve: the country of iran announced it successfully sent a monkey into space. that's a picture of it supposedly. and safely brought it back but with today's modern technology -- >>gretchen: why do countries like iran use primates as their pilot? i'm not believing they actually sent the monkey into space. >>steve: for our purposes, let's trust the iranians. joining us right now is nature nick and tarzan the squirrel monkey. also joining us right now, let's come on in, brian come on over here.
3:55 am
brian has always fancied himself as the bird man of the show. >>brian: i want to re-create the moment. >>gretchen: we can't hear you. >>brian: i want to re-create the moment and see if there's synergy between us. >> he's looking at his reflection. >>steve: nature nick, this monkey you've got there, a squirrel monkey, the united states actually sent a squirrel monkey into space once upon a time? >> 1959 we sent a female and she was the first animal to make it safely in a suborbital flight and make it back safely. >>gretchen: why do you send monkeys into space? >> the reason scientists like using monkeys is because their anatomy and physiology is very similar to our own. any type of effect space travel may have on them is similar to how our own bodies may act. >>brian: can i see if he will fly into space with me for a second? >> you can try.
3:56 am
i don't think he may be too happy about it. >>brian: can i give him a marsh mall low. >>gretchen: watch your finger, brian. >> there we go. >>steve: one small step for a man, one giant marshmallow for the monkey. very nice. you saw the images the iranian news service released. it looked like the monkey they launched into space was restricted severely. >> i saw those pictures also. from what i saw, it did look like a facial grimace. from what i know about primates, that does indicate fear. >>steve: that's the picture. >>brian: would this suit make him more apt to travel with me? >> it might. tease haoully pretty well -- it might. he's actually pretty well based. >>gretchen: you don't believe they actually sent the monkey? >> personally no.
3:57 am
it was more or less a publicity stunt on iran's part. >>gretchen: here's the picture. i mean, would that be -- i'm surprised peta has not called. is that how we would send a monkey up? >> we did do that about 50 years ago. we did send animals up that way. i don't like seeing animals where they can't make normal adjustments or movements. had he or she been able to do that, i would feel happier about this picture. i did see pictures where he was interacting with his handler. >>steve: brian, final thoughts? >>brian: my final thought is i'd like to travel with tarzan. is that possible? >> you're more than welcome. >>gretchen: you go at your own risk. >>brian: would he attack me? >> he might try. >>steve: brian, don't do
3:58 am
it. >>gretchen: thank you. >>steve: brian, put down the leash. >>gretchen: oh my gosh. coming up, chaos on egypt and on the set here. warnings the muslim brotherhood might collapse. we'll tell you about that when we come back. >>steve: brian, don't pull the monkey. >>brian: let me have him. >>gretchen: that's why i'm going to go sweeping i'm going to go sweeping this way. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's wednesday, january 30, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. one person has died and tornado sirens are sounding across the south and midwest as twisters rip through and the destruction isn't done yet. we have your first look live at the damage. >> brian: chaos in egypt. now warnings the muslim brotherhood might collapse? so why did we just send them our f-16s virtually for free? hillary clinton's answer will shock you. >> steve: police officer and his wife nurse -- let me start over.
4:02 am
police officer and his wife nurse a dying deer back to life. now that might land them in the slammer. why? wait until you hear this one. "fox & friends" hour two for wednesday starts right now. >> you're watching "fox & friends." that's the great way to begin your day. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. we've recovered from the monkey and you took off your jiffy pop hat. >> brian: no, that's a real space hat. not lance armstrong, but neil armstrong, actually used that in the first apollo flight. >> steve: so we borrowed that from the smithsonian for that little exhibit right there. thank you very much. >> brian: i told them i just wanted to try it on and walked out. >> steve: we got a busy morning on this wednesday. our top story, dangerous twisters across the central plains states and the missouri and mississippi valley. at least one person dead. a little more than an hour a tornado sirens could be heard in downtown louisville, kentucky.
4:03 am
a tornado sore through mississippi, uprooting trees and danieling homes. two other twisters touched down in arkansas and missouri. this morning large parts of the country are bracing for more. here is maria molina. it's seldom we see so many watches and warnings this early in the day, let alone in january. >> yeah. that's exactly right. very unusual to be seeing this kind of activity during the month of january. but what's happening is that it's just so warm ahead of the storm system, we've set some record high temperatures in the past 24 hours across places notice midwest and the east and that is what's helping to fuel these strong storms. on the backside of it, very cold. where the air masses crash is where we see the strong storms. you can see that line stretching from portions of the great lakes down into southeastern louisiana. the backside of this system where it's cold, we have heavy snow falling. winter storm warnings in effect across iowa, with us i up to eight inches possible with strong winds. be careful on the roads.
4:04 am
tornadoes have been a huge story here throughout the overnight hours. we still have ongoing severe weather. five tornado watches now in effect across parts of mississippi, alabama, up into tennessee, portions of southwestern parts of the state of west virginia. these are going to remain in effect throughout the morning hours and also the early afternoon hours. the big concern, what you need to pay attention to is when you go ahead tornado warnings, that means that there could be a tornado on the ground. we do have a number of tornado warnings now in effect to the north of birmingham and southeast of nashville and ten continue. multiple tornado warnings in effect. that severe weather stretches from the panhandle of florida, into the southern portions of pennsylvania. not just tornadoes, but damaging wind gust, large hail. we've already seen over 200 reports of this kind of weather throughout the overnight hours and continuing to see it early today. high temperatures ahead of this system, again, very warm. extremely mild in new york city.
4:05 am
59 degrees for a high temperature. 73 in raleigh, north carolina. behind the storm, 22 in minneapolis. guys? >> steve: a crazy day weather wise. >> brian: and it's 110 outside. it is so hot out. >> steve: it's warm. thank you. >> gretchen: don't get used to it. now the other headlines. last night the f.b.i. raiding the office of a doctor linked to democratic new jersey senator robert menendez. agents descended on the west palm beach office of dr. solomon melhan, suspected of providing free trips and even underage prostitutes in the dominican republic to the senator, allegedly. menendez denied the allegation. story out of alabama of the police trying to negotiate with a gunman who is holding a six-year-old boy hostage in an underground bunker. it started in midland city yesterday. he board add school bus, he shot the driver and then he just grabbed one of the boys.
4:06 am
>> he started telling him he needed a kid because the law coming after him. he shot the bus driver and the driver's foot was on the gas and we went backwards and everybody started screaming and then the bus driver was still there and we just all got off the bus and went to the neighbor's house. >> gretchen: the bus driver, unfortunately died. swat team members still on the scene of that house. they have been communicating with the gunman. a judge could decide today if the accused fort hood shooter, major nidal malik hasan, could plead guilty to premeditated murder that. would allow him to avoid a death sentence. his attorneys argue he should be allowed because they claim his rights were violated. when a former judge order he be shaved. if the new judge allows it, he would face life without parole for the 2009 attack that left 13 people dead, including a pregnant woman. the lawyers of the mastermind of 9-11 and four cohorts want to book a two night
4:07 am
stay at get moment they asked a judge to get them spend 48 hours there. they say the sleep overwould give them a better idea of the hardships their clients faced. they hope to convince a judge to take the death penalty off the table. maybe when they have the sleepover, they can play soccer that cost $750,000. >> brian: it has lights so they can play at night. >> steve: it's cuba. at this time of year it's beautiful down there. >> gretchen: president obama just laid out his plans yesterday in las vegas to fix a broken immigration system. but the specifics could put him on a collision course now with congress. or will it? peter doocy live in washington with all the details. good morning to you. >> good morning. and there are a few big differences between what the president wants to do to reform immigration and what a bipartisan group of u.s. senators wants to do and a big one revolves around the pathway to citizenship. president obama yesterday during the first trip of his second term told a crowd in las vegas
4:08 am
that the process for illegal aliens to become u.s. citizens should be a fast one. >> yes, they broke the rules. they crossed the border illegally. maybe they i don't have stayed their visas. those are the facts. nobody disputes them. but these 11 million men and women are now here. many of them have been here for years. >> but the senate plan, which president obama applauded but did not endorse since it hasn't been written yet, calls for securing the border with mexico before mapping out that pathway to citizenship, basically because they don't want to make it easier to get a green card if you cross illegally than it would be to get one if you waited in line. >> if this endeavor becomes a bidding war to see who can come up with the easiest, quickest and cheapest pathway to green card possible, this thing is not going to go well, folks. >> another difference between what the president wants to do
4:09 am
and what the senate plans to do centers on gay rights. president obama wants gay couples to have the same family immigration rights as straight couples so they aren't forced to live apart. that is not something the senate group has included in their initial plan and one important note, a capitol hill aide tells us that the congressional hispanic caucus told the white house they've got more faith in the senate's bipartisan process than they do in the president offering his own bill. back to you in new york. >> steve: interesting stuff. peter, thank you very much. we just saw marco rubio, he was on the radio with rush limbaugh yesterday because on monday, rush referred to the senate plan as amnesty and you know with wh? after marco rubio explained his plan and the bipartisan senate plan would involve triggers and better enforcement, sounds like he won rush over. he said what you are doing is admirable and noteworthy. you are recognizing reality. >> brian: let's talk about egypt
4:10 am
because it looks like it's turning into total chaos there, as has always been said, it's easy to be an insurgency, easy to be an agitator, in this case, easy to be a terror group. but you got to govern. that's what the muslim brotherhood is having trouble with. they've had riot after riot after their ridiculous proclamation after ridiculous proclamation. they issued martial law. people ignored the law, leaving the military to the side with the people or do they side with the government? their defense minister said warns morsi these disagreements could cause the collapse of the government. >> gretchen: now people being interviewed said if we had another chance at this election situation, we would not have voted in morsi because many of them feel like they're going back in time to the dictatorship rule of mubarak. here is a photo of secretary of state, almost former -- she is
4:11 am
former now because john kerry is the new one -- hillary clinton with morsi. she was interviewed last night by our own greta van susteren and the question about egypt and the muslim brotherhood relationship came up. >> you have to, i think, take a step back and look at the fact that the people now in power in these countries have never been in government, never had a chance to really learn how to run agencies or to make decisions. so we don't certainly don't or in any way approve of what a lot of these leaders are doing or failing to do. but we also know how important it is that we try to avoid even more extreme elements, which are active across the region. i've been around long snuff it's not what somebody says. it's what they do. and some of what he's done, we have approved of and supported. and some of what he's done, like
4:12 am
abrogating a lot of power to himself personally, reinstating emergency law provisions that had been a hallmark of the mubarak regime are troubling. and we have a balancing act to do, as do the egyptian people as to how this is going to turn out. >> steve: so there you've got hillary clinton whose last day will be on friday, say that the muslim brotherhood just needs more time. but they did get more of? they got more arm amount. this nation is in chaos right number as brian mentioned, the top ranking government officials say the country could absolutely collapse. yet what did we do? sent them bunch of brand-new state of the art bombers like that one right there, a bunch of abrams tanks. >> gretchen: in all fairness, i thin put into effect some time ago, but maybe somebody could come forward in congress and try and change it to allow this to not move forward. it's my understanding those jets are not rigged up as much as the
4:13 am
u.s. fighter jets. they don't have all of the bells and whistles. but still, we don't really know how those will be used and, of course, egypt, a very important partner in the relationship with israel. >> brian: i assume they're not going to be used for tourism. >> steve: the sword using them on their own people. >> brian: this is one where you side with the military. we've had great relations with the military. they understand western values and i think the military is pulling back from the government, which could be a good sign for the egyptian people. >> steve: it is a mess over there. it is now 7:12 here in new york city. straight ahead, the pledge of allegiance being recited in arabic at one high school. a lot of people are fired back up it. we'll tell but it. >> gretchen: the president's cabinet getting an extreme makeover. shear everyone that could be out or is out, former democratic congressman dennis kucinich says those faces can tell us a whole lot. he's up next. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes?
4:14 am
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4:17 am
>> steve: it looks like it's out with the old and in with the new as president kicked off his second term with the number of key nominations to his cabinet. so who is leaving? who is staying? what does it mean in terms of policy going forward? let's talk to former democratic congressman and brand-new fox news contributor, dennis kucinich. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, steve. good to be with you. >> steve: it's good to have you and for you to be part of the fox news family. thank you. >> thank you. >> steve: so let's take a look at who is out with the president's cabinet. hillary clinton out, plus out, dally is out, panetta out. jones, out. gates is out. lahood is out. solis and jackson is out. then let's look at who is in. jack lew, dennis mcdonough, john kerry was confirmed yesterday, and chuck hagel, although that could be a fight.
4:18 am
what does that line - up say to you about the next four years? >> continuity with wall street, perhaps a shift in foreign policy. >> steve: what else? >> it also says that the president is looking to people who he trusts. the thing about this president that needs to be understood is that he's willing to appoint people who may have opposed him. you have to realize he appointed hillary clinton. he appointed joe biden. now he has appointed john kerry. these are all people who ran against him for president. ray lahood is a republican. so the president will appoint people ho disagree with him, but at the same time, he wants people who he believes he can trust. look at dennis mcdonough who will be the chief of staff. he raised him up out of the national security council. >> steve: shower. what about some critics, and there is a picture right there. what about critics who say he's a control freak and he winds up getting rid of people who he's
4:19 am
got a problem with? >> he's the president of the united states. he has to make the decisions ultimately. i dealt with the president on health care issue and frankly, he wouldn't budge. he had his opinion. he stayed with it. and ultimately prevailed. so i think that he has a record that has informed himself that says if i hang in there, i can win. at the same time, you look at libya, you had joe biden, admiral mullen, secretary gates and some others who said don't go there. he within there anyway -- went there anyway. he is someone who will follow his own might and at the same time, he still is someone who will listen to people who may disagree with him. >> steve: he can have a brand-new cabinet u about i read a number of the books about what goes on during this white house and it sounds like the person really calling the shots is valerie jarrett. his trust the advisor who does a lot of stuff behind the scene there is in the west wing. >> valerie jarrett has
4:20 am
tremendous influence, as well she should. she's very close to the president. but on the other hand, i've seen it again and again, this president is calling the shots. he's making the decisions. even at a cabinet level. a cabinet official can have a portfolio, but if he goes against the president's policy, he or she will be in trouble. so i think that you're looking at a presidency where there is going to be consistency with respect to wall street. i may object to that and the fed and there will be some slight changes in foreign policy that could be good if it keeps us out of these wars. >> steve: what about in an interview with the new republic, the president said he essentially blamed dc gridlock on fox news and rush limbaugh. he wants the entire media to all agree with him. >> well, the "new york times" has pointed out that you have 199 districts that are solid republican and about 152, i
4:21 am
think is the number that, solidly democrat. now, the american people are making the choices as far as who is elected district by district. they also elected barak obama president of the united states. our constitution provides for representatives and they have to represent their district. >> steve: so it's about the district. i don't remember ronald reagan or george w. bush saying, you know, if only the "new york times" would agree with everything i say, i could get stuff done. >> well, i think that president obama has to tap his transformational leader characteristics and energies and appeal to people who may disagree him. he has that capability, certainly someone who demonstrated an ability to reach out. this is one of the reasons, by the way, on a much lesser scale, this is why i'm on fox. i know there is an audience out there that may not agree with me, but it's important to communicate with people who don't and see if you can get them to change their minds.
4:22 am
>> steve: that's right. since the very beginning we've had both sides and that's why we're number one and we'll stay number one now that you're part of the team. congressman, thank you for joining us live today. >> thank you very much. >> steve: next up, how many sick days did you take last year? you're about to meet a woman who worked 44 years without taking one. then a glimmer of hope in the housing market. but is now really the time to sell? dave ramsey has the answer next [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™. anew honey bunches of oats greek yohere we go.ole grain. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feel healthy. new honey bunches of oats greek.
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4:25 am
>> steve: time for news by the numbers. 8.1 points. that's how much the consumer confidence index fell from december to january. the negative outlook on the economy is due to less money in your paycheck from higher social security taxes. ouch. next, $27 billion, that's how much taxpayers are going to lose on the government bailout from
4:26 am
2008. that is up from an estimate just a couple months ago. and finally, 44 years. that's how long deborah ford has worked for the postal service and she never took a sick day. the 64-year-old retires tomorrow. way to go. brian? >> brian: there is new signs of life in the housing market in the united states of america. the latest data shows home prices are actually inching up. so is now the right time to sell or down size to get out of debility? joining us now from nashville is dave ramsey. dave, are you optimistic things are turning around or is this just a regional turn around? >> well, all real estate is like politics, it's always regional it's always local. so we've had some markets that weren't hit nearly as hard by the recession and they've come back. some of them almost roaring back. we've got other areas of the country, and particular cities that are really still struggling. you just got to look around you in your particular area across the nation to figure out what's going on.
4:27 am
>> brian: take some out of why you are house to pay down your bills? >> no, we don't refinance a house in order to pull off and pay for a steak that you ate last week and put on your mastercard. that's bad idea. you need work your bills through using the debt snowball we teach. >> brian: go over some tips. mortgage should be no more than 25% of your take home pay. if you're taking one up. figure that out. if payments are between 40 and 50%, it's time to unload that house. even if it's at a loss? >> yeah. when your house payment is $3,000 and your take shoal $6,000, that doesn't leave much room for eating. and ha that amounts to is what we call house poor at that point. unless you see your income coming up pretty quickly, you've got yourself strapped to a mess there and it would be time to unload. >> brian: dave, let's talk to the people. john from new jersey writes us this: we are barely upside down in our home and we really want to move. if we sold, we'd have to bring 20,000 to closing to the table.
4:28 am
should 2003 it? >> -- should we do it? >> i guess depends how much money you got. if you got 2 million, that's fine. if you got 30,000 and you just got an itch to move and give up all your money to move, it's probably time to sit back and wait and let this market heal a little bit that. would be in relation to how much wash you've got to bring to the table. >> brian: another from mississippi. i'm debt free burks the home i once owned with my ex-husband lost to bankruptcy. what do you think my chances are of owning a home again? >> you certainly will be able to own again. it takes time. when you've had a bad event like a bankruptcy and foreclosure and a lot of those things are associated with a divorce, it takes about three to four years for your credit to heal. make sure you're paying everything on time or early and that you're getting yourself out of debt to get prepared to save for a good down payment. >> brian: kim says, with three kids, we've saved $30,000 for a down payment. we have no debt and an income of $135,000 a year. should we buy now or our
4:29 am
mortgage would total $3,200 as opposed to 1825 in rent. should we move forward with buying a house at $550,000? you following all that? >> absolutely. $3,200 house payment, 135,000 is about $9,000 a month take home pay after taxes. so she's at about a third of her take home pay. that's in the safe range. i'd rather you be a little bit lower, but that's in the safe range of the it is going to shock your system 'cause you're almost doubling your housing cost from 1800 to 3200, but that's very doable. make sure if you're doing that that it's on a 15-year fixed rate. if that number is not from a 15-year fixed rate, you probably do need to back off on house. >> brian: if this was a one on one consultation, it would be too much for me it afford. you can always listen to him on the radio. thanks, dave. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: next up, former secretary of state colin powell enters the no spin zone. was in for a rough ride. bill and paul square off.
4:30 am
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>> everyone is talking about the fact that the ravens' coach, john harbaugh, will face his brother, the 49ers coach, jim harbaugh. and the harbaughs revealed they're only texting each other before the game and not talking on the phone. check this out. first jim texted. how is your team? then john texted, good, how is your night life? [ laughter ] then it was like, good, how is your bed wetting? then he was like, good, how is your teddy bear you slept with 'til you were 12? he was like, mr. cuddles, i mean what, teddy bear? how is the 60-year-old lunch lady you had. he said, that's it. i'm calling mom. >> gretchen: that's going to be the biggest story, one of them, for the big super bowl because the two brothers are coaching against each other. never happened before. >> steve: it is the ultimate case of sibling rivalry. >> brian: i thought it was very
4:35 am
funny, jim was on a conference call with his parents and they were just answering media questions. john called in and said, is it true that john was always your favorite? and then he said no, that's not true. he said oh, that's john. >> gretchen: the parents, imagine being in that predicament where you have two of your sons tho who have reached that pinnacle. amazing story. >> brian: archie manning called and said he can't relate. >> gretchen: exactly. here are your headlines for wednesday. it's just like a scene out of the movie, "rise of the planet of the apes." a mob of monkeys storm a village. this time attacking humans. that's actually from the movie. >> brian: i thought this was live. >> gretchen: apparently this actually happened in indonesia. seven people were hurt. one of them critically after the animals went on a rampage. it's unclear account monkeys, which are usually afraid of humans, emerged and attacked.
4:36 am
there seems to be a theme to our show about monkeys. >> brian: talk about junk in the trunk works junk smugglers caught wearing duct tape diapers inside cocaine. the women arrived at the airport when they were stopped by customs officers. they issued a pat-down and discovered they were wearing diapers. i would have backed off and ended the conversation there, but they didn't. they were returning from the dominican republic and there you see. >> steve: just proves there are a million one uses for duct tape. >> brian: right. snuggies. >> steve: a high school principal under fire this morning for letting students say the pledge of allegiance in arabic. rocky mountain high school principal tom lopez approved the request from a student multi cultural club and parents calling lopez to express their outrage. he said school is supposed to be a place of diversity. >> gretchen: he helped save a dying fawn's life, but now one indiana police officer could
4:37 am
lapped him in the slammer. department of natural resources charged this gentleman and his wife with illegal possession of a white tail deer. the couple claims they didn't know they were breaking the law when they nursed the deer back to health. they now plan to fight the charge. >> steve: look out, they're coming for your deer. >> gretchen: that's why people don't help sometimes. you never know what you're going to face, like a lawsuit or something like this. >> brian: i thought ray lewis could help out, but no antlers. >> gretchen: that leads you to a sports story. >> brian: first steer is more disturbing. yankees star alex rodriguez facing the heat over performance enhancing drugs. it's reported he bought them from an anti-aging clinic over the last four years. a rod rejecting the report despite the prescription that was made out to him. it's on the cover of the new york daily news. a rod end isn't the only star under fire. days before his last game, ray lewis denying a report in sports
4:38 am
illustrated that evidently has on the on-line version videotape that he took deer antler extract, which has banned substances in it, to recover quickly from a tricep injury, but without a blood test, it's undetectable. they should have been giving blood tests but don't because the union is holding it up. joe flacco is apologizing for his quote and the word he used, retarded, when he was asked about next year's super bowl being in a cold city, new jersey. he said it was a bad choice of words and i believe he's also against a cold weather super bowl. starting friday i will be at the super dome with everything you need to know about the super bowl. soccer team could not find rhythm against canada. how they could not score is embarrassing. gonzalez there, no luck. i know it's nice to be nice to the nice, 'cause canadians are
4:39 am
nice, but the canadians didn't field their top team and we didn't either. it looks bleak if you wanted goal scoring. that was on espn. and then it start to rain. february 6 will be the next game against honduras. we'll be there live. >> steve: it was stormy last night on the bill o'reilly show, colin powell sat down with bill to talk about many things. was contentious at times. we're going to play you an excerpt where during the campaign john sigh knew knew described barak obama as being lazy. and colin powell had a problem with that, thought it was inappropriate. here is the give and take between mr. o'reilley and mr. powell. >> into new called president obama lazy. you know him. knew known him for a long time. you don't think he's a racist, do you? >> no. did i didn't call haim racist. >> no, but you said that wording sends the code. >> it does. >> you said in his opinion he
4:40 am
was lazy on an issue. it wouldn't matter if he was p white, purple or green. >> he said he was lazy after the first debate and he said it a couple of times. >> so what? >> well, let me finish. i'll tell so you what. it so shocked the person who was interviewing him, he said, do you really want to use that word? john said other things that were troubling. he said, you know, the president wasn't a real american. what is that showed to mean to somebody? >> it was in the heat of the campaign. i'm not defending snunu's choice of words. i'm not. >> okay. >> i'm not defending it. but i'm saying to you, i know him. you know snunu, he's not a racist. just say he was foolish -- >> let me tell you why. i would never call him a racist and he used some poorly chosen words, in my judgment and i think he might agree it. but you have to understand the impact this has on minorities throughout our country and if you want to appeal to these people, if you want to bring
4:41 am
them to the republican party and give them a reason to vote republican, you have to avoid this kind of language which can infuriate people and cause them to go vote. >> gretchen: so that was part of the exchange, very intense interview. that was just one part of it. general colin powell answering bill o'reilly's questions last night. i think he makes a good point at the end. you could see this with the republican party as far as immigration reform. they saw that in the last election, the hispanic vote went 71% for barak obama. so something needs to be done in the republican party as far as outreach to minorities. so when you listen to colin powell, agree with him or not, i think he's correct in saying on the one point that republicans do need to find a way to which to get the minority vote. >> brian: i think other people said that, i didn't see any racial part to it. but i think bill o'reilly was right. you know him.
4:42 am
i also think it's interesting that colin powell is the most -- use a great guest. but everyone wants to book him because he's putting down the republican party and they're playing the bobby jindal comment. tonight see republicans turn on republicans. i thought that was the first time that you had somebody actually challenge colin powell and i think bobby jindal, we're supposed to talk to him over the weekend, i'll bring it up to him. >> gretchen: coming up, he was thrown out of the classroom in 1999, but that teacher is amazingly still on the payroll and thanks to the union, he even got a raise. we're going to explore how that could happen. >> steve: then ashley judd, the actress, just dropped a bombshell. we're going to tell what you it is. >> brian: aflac trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1974, this british actor won an oscar for his part in "the fighter." who is it? be the first with the correct
4:43 am
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4:46 am
>> brian: quick headlines. ashley judd and husband indy car driver dario franchitti calling it quits after 11 years of marriage. they said the decision was mutual. they tied the knot back in 2001. i thought it was going to be about a senate run. this photo under crazy mug shots. that's dazed and confused actor jason london. cops in arizona arrested the 40-year-old after he allegedly punched a bouncer at a scottsdale bar. here is the problem, they usually punch back. he was beaten up in the brawl. gretch? >> gretchen: thank you. despite major budget cuts to new
4:47 am
york city's public school system, one teacher raking in some major benefits. $1 million. he hasn't been in a classroom to teach since 1999. former queens, new york music teacher admitted to sexually harassing some of his students. but because he received tenure, the school district couldn't fire him. instead he was placed in those so-called rubber rooms and continued to be paid earning $1 million in total since that time. joining us now is senior fellow from the manhattan institute and author of the book "teachers matter," marcus winters. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> gretchen: what do you make of this? i think a lot of people are outraged when they see that schools are fighting for every dollar and not enough money supposedly to be able to even buy school supplies for kids. then we have situations like this. >> right. it is outrageous. unfortunately, it's not that abnormal. the strange thing about it is that it's incredibly difficult
4:48 am
to fire a tenured teacher not only in new york city, but across the united states. and i think that this example is just an extreme example of what should make parents really upset about it is if the new york city school system can't fire a teacher like this, what are they doing about teachers who just aren't doing a very good job educating their students? the answer is not very much. it's just remarkably difficult to fire a teacher for any reason. >> gretchen: these so-called rubber rooms that used to exist, when teachers would have things filed against them, like in this case, a sexual harassment charge, they couldn't be fired because of tenure. so they would go to these so-called rubber rooms where they sit around and do nothing and still collect pay. now the mayor and the city have gotten rid of those rooms. it's my understanding that the teach service doing data entry, answering phones, and paperwork. but he's racked up a million dollars. my question is, why was it so easy for him to get tenure when he was only a substitute teacher and a teacher for a very short period of time? >> unfortunately, it's too easy
4:49 am
for any public school teacher to get tenure. it's very different in k-12 education than college. in college, it's a very difficult process. takes time of the you have to prove over a sustained period of time that you are one of the experts in your field. ubber stamped thatthe case. teachers get for being in the classroom and not leaving over a three-year period. add to that by default, teachers tend orgeat tenure. that's a real problem because we know that teachers are the most important asset the public schools have. so what we need to do and what a lot of states have been trying to do is to one, make tenure more difficult to get. and two, make it possible to remove a tenured teacher, at least more easy to repoof a tenured teacher, once the performance starts to lag. >> gretchen: it's my understanding the city did try to get rid of this teacher, to fire him way back when, but they were unsuccessful. why would you think that would be? >> because the process is just so difficult to fire a tenured
4:50 am
teacher. you're talking about a very burdensome, time consuming and costly process. in 2009, the new york city public school system was only able to fire 25 teachers for any reason. and only five of those teachers were fired for imcompetence essentially. now, there are a lot of great public school teachers in the united states and also in new york city, but there is more than five of them that aren't doing a very good job. so the rubber rooms, you can't really blame the city for the rubber rooms. you can blame the collective bargaining agreements and state laws that gives tenure. the rubber rooms are new york city's response to the fact of they can't fire a teacher that they consider dangerous. the only other option is put them there. >> gretchen: a lot of parents watching are so frustrated they're paying for things after they pay taxes. mark, thanks for breaking that down for us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> gretchen: next, your son's
4:51 am
engaged and his fiance's family wants you to pay? are they normal or are they nutso? dr. keith ablow's diagnosis next. first on this day in 1983, "africa" by toto was the number one song. remember them? they were fantastic. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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4:54 am
>> steve: the answer to the aflac trivia question of the day is christian bales. the win service mike sweeney of princeton, la l. congratulations. >> brian: there should be a sequel to "the fighter". am i normal or nuts? is the question asked once in a while to yourself and to others. the question we ask dr. keith
4:55 am
ablow daily. >> gretchen: joining us to anti-e-mails that you sent us is fox news contributor and psychiatrist, dr. keith ablow. good morning to you. >> good morning. brian should be in the sequel to "the fighter." >> brian: thank you. i would like tore gotti taking on ward. >> gretchen: we'll see if we can make that happen. here is the first e-mail for you, my husband and i just replaced 1200 square feet of carpet with tile. he has told me that if he catches me mopping the tile on my hands and knees, he will pull it out and replace it with carpet again. the only way to get the tile clean is on your hands and knees. what? the tile is very expensive. is this normal or nuts? >> he's nuts! listen, i don't know if you have to be on your hands and knees cleaning the tile. i think they make steamers and the rest of it. >> brian: now with mop and glo. >> when did he become like king of the carpet kingdom in the house and the tile kingdom? bottom line is just let him know
4:56 am
if he toughs your new and prized tile, you'll carpet the garage. you got to set some boundaries with this guy. he's a little crazy. >> steve: why the garage when you got a good dog house. >> brian: they have a problem in that relationship. >> gretchen: a couple other issues nutty. >> brian: i think they should break up. >> yeah, they have issues. >> steve: we've got somebody else with an issue. here is one: our 25-year-old son is engaged to a beautiful, intelligent, 21-year-old girl from our small hometown and we love her and her family very much. however, our future daughter-in-law and her parents are requesting adamantly that my son and my wife and i pay for three quarters of the wedding cost and the honeymoon. my son graduated from college magnum cum laud, and started a new job, has a mortgage and all the recognition pes associated. this is their life story. we still have twin boys in high school that we will be helping through college six months after the wedding. are our future in-laws normal or
4:57 am
nuts? keith? >> wow. the future in-laws are very crazy because they're cost shifting, doing a little wealth distribution here saying you should pay for three quarters. last time i checked, the woman's parents are supposed to be footing the whole bill. this was before women hit the front lines in the military and the rest of it. i like that. i like women paying the bill and i think you should set firm boundaries and say this is crazy and we won't have it. >> gretchen: the crazier thing is everyone in that entire town knows who that family is now from that dissertation. they'll all be on your couch later on -- >> they'll be afraid to take an extra pastry now. they'll be like gee, i should help them out. >> brian: four words, justice of the peace. that's where you go. see you saturday, wear jeans. by the power vested in me, you're married. >> steve: holiday inn express. >> there go. >> brian: that last letter was so long, we have no time for the others!
4:58 am
>> it was a big one. i feel short changed, but i'll talk to my therapist about it. >> steve: that's a normal feeling. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> steve: straight ahead, america doesn't have a spending problem. we just are have a fox news problem? >> i am not going to keep cutting the discretionary budget which, by the way, is not out of control despite what you hear on fox news [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. we don't argue much. we really don't. meg usually just gets her way, and i go along with it. i think it worked for matt because i did it for him. when i'm the one cooking, i'm the one calculating the points. i can microwave things. you get to eat real food. we still get to go out. we're just so much smarter about it. we can keep each other in check. going, "okay, i see you." we've lost about 110 pounds together. it helped our love life.
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do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is wednesday, it's january 30, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. they're usual, unusual, and deadly. twisters tearing across the country. we're tracking the monster storm system. we will bring you the breaking details straight ahead. >> steve: also breaking news, america doesn't have a spending problem. we have a fox news problem. >> i am not going to keep cutting the discretionary budget, which, by the way, is
5:02 am
not out of control despite what you hear on fox news. >> steve: what's up with senator mary landrieu? we'll talk about that. >> brian: all right. iran claims it sent a monkey, bobo, to space. i'm asking myself, really? really? so we planned our own mission, monkey mission, monkey space suit, monkey on the set. we relived the moment american style. "fox & friends" starts to relive it right now. >> this is bobo space monkey, cruising over america saying hello to the good people of mass polka. >> steve: never gets old. >> brian: what is the twitter address for bobo, the iranian monkey who speaks forcist farsi? >> steve: at bobo space monkey. i have think that account was created during our show. it actually could be from some people either in iran or on the "fox & friends" program, already
5:03 am
about 50 followers as soon as possible now i know why they go up to space by themselves. because they don't like humans. that was apparent when tarzan was on the sofa and ranger nick, was that his name? >> brian: we named him nick. >> gretchen: the human with the monkey, nick, was warning brian, do not touch the monkey because the monkey will bite you. >> brian: right. and by the way, nick doesn't even touch the monkey. >> gretchen: other than through a marshmallow h is what the monkey was eating there and -- >> brian: they say that monkey has the strength of a 50-pound dog. how they measured those, i'm not sure. >> gretchen: then you tried to take the monkey on the leash, which when we found out it would have to come around the couch in front of us, we left. >> brian: right. i'm just hoping that they somehow, nasa, worked out a thing to be able to talk to the monkey without moving the helmet off. >> steve: sure. they've invented so many things, tang, velcro. i'm sure they'll figure this. >> gretchen: our top story today
5:04 am
is dangerous twisters and storms and they're tearing across the country. one person has died after a tree fell on a shed. new video showing power lines, traffic lights and trees downed, some homes destroyed. >> i built it out of poured concrete, block up or down solid with rebar and it or it all to piece. i can't imagine what could have hit it. >> gretchen: last night tornadoes tore through mississippi, missouri, and arkansas. mariano molina has been tracking the system. >> very unusual. this is more springtime weather. during the month of april, may or even into june, this is when we should be seeing some of this kind of severe weather. we've had over 200 reports of tornadoes, damaging wind gusts and large size hail. i want to show you why we're seeing this during the month of january. we're seeing extremely warm temperatures across parts of the eastern half of the country. take a look at cleveland. for today, you'll reach a high temperature at 64 degrees. 73 in raleigh, north carolina.
5:05 am
new york city, 59 degrees. so almost at 60 degrees here in new york city. again, very unusual, well above average. behind this system, it is very cold, 31 in kansas city. 37 in chicago. 23 in minneapolis. right between those two air masses is where we do have this violent weather. we have a number of tornado watches in effect across portions of the state of west virginia, kentucky, in through north carolina. as far south as portions of mississippi and alabama. a very widespread area. some of these storms also producing some very heavy rain. we're not just talking about tornadoes, but even flooding being a huge concern out here across portions of the state of ohio and eventually into the northeast as the storm will head in this direction as we head into later on this afternoon, into this evening. we could be talking about flooding as we head in through portions of upstate new york, pen opinion, later on today. a number of tornado watches in effect once again. we've had tornado warnings issued throughout the morning hours. one now just to the southeast of nashville. that means that there could be a tornado on the ground. so when these warnings get
5:06 am
issued for your county, you've got to seek shelter immediately. otherwise we'll continue to track the risk for severe storms. you in the studio, we could be seeing severe weather in parts of new jersey, pennsylvania, extremely unusual. >> gretchen: maria, thank you very much for the update and bringing it to us. now the other headlines. last night the f.b.i. raiding the office of a doctor linked to democratic new jersey senator robert menendez. agents descended on the west palm beach officer dr. solomon melhan. he is reportedly suspected of providing free trips and even underage prostitutes in the dominican republic to the senator allegedly. menendez denied those allegations. in less than two hours, the senate will hold its first hearing of the year on gun violence and it will be a showdown between two powerful names. on one side, the ceo of the nra will testify. on the other side, mark kelly, the husband of former congresswoman gabrielle giffords will thereby to support new gun control rules. and we hear now that giffords herself may speak at the beginning of that hearing.
5:07 am
developing story out of alabama. police trying to negotiate with a gunman who is holding a six-year-old boy hostage in an underground bunker. it all started at 4:00 p.m. yesterday in midland city. the 65-year-old suspect boarded a school bus, shot the driver, and grabbed a boy. >> he started telling him he needed a kid because something about the law coming after him. then he shot the bus driver and the driver's foot was gas and we went backwards and everybody started screaming and then the bus driver was still there and we just all got off the bus and went to a neighbor's house. >> gretchen: unfortunately the bus driver did die. swat team members still on the scene of that house. they've been communicating with the gunman. we're told the child needs medication and the suspect has allowed police to provide it. check out this brand-new high-tech cargo airship being developed by the department of defense. it's made of carbon fiber and
5:08 am
aluminum and lifted with helium, making it lighter than air. it will be able to carry 60-tons of cargo and it launches vertically, so it doesn't need a landing strip. the best part, it operates at one third the cost of a traditional cargo plane. those are your headlines. it's like a car bow blimp. >> steve: flying saucer. >> brian: a senator from louisiana will look us up when head down there. it's amazing, i'm sensing a trend. are you? it seems like every third word from washington these days is about fox news in a negative light. again, out of nowhere, senator mary landrieu brings up fox news as if we invented the spotlight that's shining on our spending problem that has us over $16 trillion in debt. listen to her. >> i will not going to keep cutting the discretionary budget which, by the way, is not out of control despite what you hear on fox news.
5:09 am
>> steve: okay. so of course, the president told the new republic that one of the reasons we've got gridlock in washington is because of fox news and rush limbaugh. he wants everybody in the media to say what he's doing is absolutely perfect. however, her comments kind of echo what the president of the united states reportedly told john boehner. john boehner and he were negotiating toward the end of last year and the president said, we don't have a spending problem, john. we spend too much on health care. of course, there is a spending problem. >> gretchen: there was an interesting chart last night on "special report" that showed the increase in spending in discretionary spending which is what senator was talking about. over just the last maybe 15 years or so. it's astronomical. it also went up during the bush years, as we all know. but it's continued to now skyrocket under president obama. so the question is, why would she say that? we asked former congressman dennis kucinich, who is a fox news contributor. he weighed in. >> you have to understand that
5:10 am
senator landrieu has a state which still has a lot of needs with respect to the oil spill and hurricanes and so you've got to be careful about advocating cutting spending that may actually result in your state getting hurt. so i think it's really about her concerns about the needs of louisiana as opposed to whatever the federal budget matters are because as a matter of fact, on a federal level, there are areas where spending does need to be reduced. >> steve: okay. so that's one of the things he was trying to figure out what she was talking about. one of the things about fox news, since the -- since the very beginning, we've been trying to give you the other side that they're not telling you on the other channels and one of the things is that we've got this crazy spending spree in washington, d.c newt gingrich was on with greta last night, he tried to make sense of what's going on. here is his assessment. >> the truth is that they're very frightened that the core of the american people will look at
5:11 am
the details of what's going on and will -- i'll give you an example. john boehner has come up with this proposal that if you don't pass a budget, you don't get paid. it is all of a sudden struck achordate there, hit a nerve and the mary landrieus of the world who haven't passed a budget for three years are going back home where more than three out of every four americans think if you don't do your job, we're not going to pay you. that's not where barak obama wants to go. i think he is really concerned not just about fox news, but about talk radio and about the conservative blogs that there is this world out here that he can't control, that communicates with the american people who, as they learn the facts, are much less likely to support his policies. >> brian: the other thing is if she thinks discretionary spending is not a problem, you're right. nondiscretionary spending, so focus on that. if you could focus on entitlements that, would be great. start focusing on restructuring medicaid and medicare and social
5:12 am
security. >> steve: the senator can say entitlement spending with as a major problem when she made those comments on the floor. but by the way, this is not the first time the white house has taken fox news to task, gone to war with fox news. this has happened a number of times before. it's interesting, though, i remember being on this couch during the clinton years and i don't remember bill clinton ever saying, if fox news would just get in line with the rest of the media, i could get stuff done. >> gretchen: it's interesting the timing is interesting to me because the president just won reelection. unless he's -- yesterday you could argue he was campaigning when he went to las vegas for nine hours there and back to basically gave speech, maybe he's campaigning already for the midterm elections and then maybe that's why he would be already criticizing this institution. but it doesn't really make sense to me because he just -- he was just maturitied. >> steve: i think what it is, i think the reason he's talking about immigration, women in combat, fox news is to change the subject.
5:13 am
the economy still stinks. it's hard to find a job in this country. when you change the subject and say, forget about that over there, let's talk about fox news, they're trouble makers, i think that could be something in play right now. >> brian: might be. 12 minutes after the hour. on the constitution guarantees you rights, like the right to free speech. should it also guarantee the right to a good job? the right to health care? up next, proposed second bill of rights and its connection to president obama. >> gretchen: 7-year-old handcuffed to a pipe for hours on the front page of the paper in new york. his only crime? the school thought he stole five bucks. we'll tell you about that [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo.
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5:15 am
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5:17 am
>> steve: here is something we think you don't know. in 1944, president roosevelt made a radical move proposing a second bill of rights. >> in our day, certain economic groups have become accepted as self-evident. a second bill of rights under which a new basis of security and prosperity can be established for all regardless of station or race or creed. >> steve: so what was inside that second bill of rights? the right to a useful job, a decent home, adequate medical care, and a good education, among other things. are you entitled to those rights the same way you're entitled to free speech? the president's former regulatory czar now claims the president is committed to making fdr's dreams come true. here to comment, peter johnson, jr. >> good morning. he's written an article and says the president is really
5:18 am
enumerated in his first term and now in his inaugural address, a second bill of rights ala franklin roosevelt. when roosevelt proposed that issues it was dramatic. it was part of a national service program. it was a part of a massive tax increase and a very large budget which the congress decided not to pass. the president vetoed it and then the congress overyet wrote it. so it was a matter of great concern even in 1944 in the midst of the war and the midst of the great new deal that allegedly provided so many jobs to so many millions of americans. a second civil rights, according to sunstein, according to system when the president was there when what the south african constitution holds, which alleged israeli based on these concepts, is social economic set of rights. the first bill of rights, the first ten amendments of the constitution are political or negative rights. what they are saying now is that each and every american should be accorded social economic
5:19 am
rights. so when you're born, you have a right to a job. when you're born, you have a right to a home. when you're born, you have a right to three square. and the government must provide those things to you as a result of that. that was franklin roosevelt's revolutionary proposal back in 1944. and some said it was based on socialistic principles that had been put forward in soviet 1930s. >> steve: this goes so far beyond a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage, you have a right to everything. >> it is. and south africa we've seen what's happened. they're in chaos. some united states supreme court justices think that is the model that we should be looking forward to in the future. a lot of folks in the past said the bill of rights was a racist document and a document that didn't understand or protect women or indians in this
5:20 am
country. in some way it may have been. but through decisions of the united states supreme court, the bill of rights has been incorporate to do protect all americans. but these folks at harvard and south ever africa talks about is the protection from the date of birth. state empowered protection that basically you get everything you need and it's a guarantee. the united states of america insures it going forward. so it's a radical new proposal in terms of what our government could and should be. >> steve: no kidding. it's interesting stuff and a lot of people haven't heard about it. >> worth and minuting. >> steve: straight ahead, the opposite of women, what have been told opposite of what women have been told in the past, a stunning new study about mastectomies and if they really work. then in the battle of the bulge, it's man versus fitness. the new video that proves machines are winning.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
>> brian: overnight toyota recalling 1 million vehicles, including corolla sedans and crossovers from 2003 and 2004. they have faulty air bags. lexus is sedans made over the last six years may have loose nuts on their front wipers. so check your nuts. and the 21-year-old grandson of oil tycoon t boon pickens has died. he was pronounced dead in a hospital in texas. his body was found inside of an apartment close to texas christian university where he
5:25 am
was a junior. no word on what caused his death. gretch? >> gretchen: how horrible. thank you. approximately one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. new research may help treat that disease in the future. according to a new study, out of thousands of patients, a lumpectomy with radiation was more effective than a mastectomy when treating early stage breast cancer. the doctor is chief of breast cancer in durham, north carolina, part of a team that conducted this study. good morning to you, doctor. >> good morning, gretchen. it's wonderful to be here. >> gretchen: thank you so much for joining us. amazing results of thiswhat into look deeper into the difference between lumpectomy with radiation and mastectomy? >> it's not new news that there are two major ways to treat breast cancer surgically. so the first involves lumpectomy, which for those of
5:26 am
you who aren't familiar with breast cancer treatment, involves taking out part of the breast and rid of abnormal tissue around it, the lumpectomy or partial mastectomy. the other way to treat breast cancer is remove the whole breast and that would require a much larger operation. usually doesn't involve radiation. and we've known for at least 30 years that the two options, lumpectomy combined with radiation, versus mastectomy are pretty much equivalent. the studies were done a long time ago and we were interested in several very important issues, i think. the first was to know if the study results that we found 30 years ago apply in real life now. the second was to understand whether there are certain sub groups of tumors or certain patient populations that may potentially benefit more from one surgical treatment versus another. >> gretchen: what you found out, this is for stage 1 and 2 breast cancer, you found women who did lumpectomy with radiation, with those stages of cancer, lived
5:27 am
longer overall. why? >> yeah. so what we were expecting to find in this study which is a very large study based on 112,000 women in california, they all had early stage breast cancer, because we were really interested in that population of women who had the choice of either doing a smaller surgery or doing the mastectomy. we found a couple of important things from the study which i think were a little unexpected. so the first thing we found is that women who underwent mastectomy had other unrelated health problems such as heart disease, pulmonary disease, orcines of cancers. they were more likely to die within three years of their diagnosis of breast cancer. what that tells us is that in general women undergoing mastectomy are a less healthy group. which is counter intuitive because you wouldn't expect that the women who are less healthy would be having larger operations. that was our first finding. the second thing we discovered, which was really surprising and the first time anything like
5:28 am
this had been reported, is that women who chose to have a lumpectomy and radiation, for whatever reason. we don't understand why we found this because it was unexpected. they actually had a 14% better survival from breast cancer than women who had mastectomy. >> gretchen: it's an amazing finding and i know you don't know exactly why some of those results came in like they did, but people are always searching for answers and it's such a tough decision, i imagine, for women to make. so this research may now help them in making those decisions. doctor, the chief of breast surgery at duke cancer institute in north carolina, thank you so much for share your thoughts about your study today. >> thank you very much, gretchen >> gretchen: rick perry, the governor of texas, has a plan to give money back to the taxpayers? should the president and congress be taking notes on what he's doing? we report. you decide. then what more could you want, guys? we have beautiful women and football. the combo coming up next.
5:29 am
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5:33 am
>> you could try. i don't think he'll be too happy about it. >> brian: can i give him a marshmallow? >> yeah, hopefully you can see. >> gretchen: watch your finger, brian. >> here we go. there we go. >> steve: that's one small step for a man. one giant marshmallow for the monkey. >> you got it. >> steve: that's your shot of the morning. the country of iran claimed they sent a monkey into space. so brian kilmeade planned his own mission monkey space suit and all, which was a little while ago right here on the "fox & friends." >> brian: just i like to thank buzz aldrin, that was the outfit he had. >> gretchen: i was just going to say, as logical as it was that iran sent a monkey into space, as logical as it was that brian was actually wearing a real nasa suit. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: he tried to tell me when he dressed up in that thing in the commercial break. >> brian: by the way, if you have a spider monkey, let it go because it's squarey. >> steve: squirrel monkey.
5:34 am
>> gretchen: let it go? >> brian: yeah, because it's scary. could hurt you. it's got the strength of ten men and it doesn't like people. >> steve: that particular one, not friendly in the i don't like people department. when brian tried to pick it cup drag it off the set -- >> brian: we were going to walk. >> steve: you were trying to drag it off with a leash. somebody would have lost a finger. >> gretchen: that's when we promptly left the set. >> brian: one of the things, we owe the spacemen tin foil. i was wearing a tin foil helmet. >> steve: thank you, captain jiffy pop. >> gretchen: that was great popcorn. that brings you back. >> brian: yeah. let's talk about popcorn. yet we don't have time. >> gretchen: instead we have to talk about up grace reform. president obama just lady out his ideas to fix a broken immigration system. but the specifics could put him on a collision course with congress. molly henneberg live at the white house with details. although i was surprised, in his speech in las vegas, he kind of sounded like he was talking about the same thing the senate bipartisan commission was talking about.
5:35 am
what did you make of it? >> hi. the devil is in the details. that's the problem because there is no bill written yet in the senate. so they could both kind of say they're agreeing. the president will do two interviews today at the white house. one with univision, one with telemoney dough, two spanish language televisions. probably a lot about immigration. the president says the nation's immigration system is, quote, out of date and badly broken. his ideas to fix it may not line up with what congress may be able to do. again, there is no bill written yet. but the president says he wants a clear path to citizenship for those here illegally. first a green card and then citizenship. and comprehensive reform, he says, includes shoring up our borders. >> i believe we need to stay focused on enforcement. that means continuing to strengthen security at our borders. it means cracking down more forcefully on businesses that knowingly hire undocumented workers. >> some of what the president said concerns republican senator
5:36 am
marco rubio. he's part of the group of eight bipartisan senators working on immigration legislation. rubio said this process should not center on the, quote, easiest, quickest and cheapest pathway to a green card and says he wants to hear more of a commitment from the president to enforce immigration laws. or rubio says, there will be more illegal immigrants coming across the borrowedder in the future. >> to the borders not just an immigration issue. i'm not in favor of a housekeeper or landscaper coming across the border illegally. i'm not in favor of that. but what keeps me up at night is the terrorist coming across the border and to the north and south leads thought that possibilities. so the borrowed is as much about our national security as immigration. >> another difference is that the president wants to include family immigration rights for gay couples and the senate framework does not include that. that's all from the white house, back to you in new york. brian, i have a quick question about you going into space.
5:37 am
are you coming back or you're just going into space. >> brian: that's it. this is it. >> we're really going to miss you. >> brian: yeah. it's going to be a good move for clayton morris. he'll have a good shot at the couch. back to jiffy pop for a second, i believe that i'm buying popcorn, someone else should make it. i don't want to buy a kit. i want to buy popcorn. >> gretchen: it's easy to make. you put on the stove and shake it. >> brian: first nothing is happening, then it's a huge ball. >> steve: it's a button on the microwave and it figures out to turn off just in time. >> brian: ago else we owe to the space program. >> gretchen: maybe we want to send him up there. i'm just kidding. >> brian: sorry about the redskins. >> steve: she loves the
5:38 am
redskins. >> gretchen: thanks for saying sorry about the vikings. >> brian: i should have apologized to both of you. they are definitely out of the playoffs. >> steve: meanwhile, as are the dallas cowboys as well. let's talk a little bit about texas. governor rick perry made his state of the state address and it's interesting, he said, you know what we need to do? after -- i've looked at the budget and after we paid off everything, we actually have, i think, $2 billion left. so let's give the money back to the people who paid the taxes. what an idea? rather than, as is typical in many state houses and in our federal government, if off bunch of money left over at the end of the year, they're going to blow it anyway. instead, what they're saying in texas is this. listen. >> the state of our state is stronger than ever. you have realized a simple truth. the bureaucracy doesn't stimulate the economy. it just gets in the way. today i'm calling for a mechanism to be put into place
5:39 am
so that when we do bring in more than we need, we'll have the option of returning tax money directly to the people who paid it. >> steve: that's great. >> gretchen: it was actually amazing since most states are so cash strapped that they're actually thinking about filing for bankruptcy. the idea that texas, that has no state income tax, would be in the situation. there are other articles written saying that governor perry doesn't have this kind of money to give back to the taxpayers, but that's what he's saying. >> brian: he says a portion will be tax relief, but wants to build up the infrastructure inside texas, being that he has the money. it's interesting. meanwhile, we're about to learn about female football fashion. first things first. >> gretchen: we're going to go and check it out. >> brian: you're going to read by yourself. >> steve: find out where they're going in a moment. first, let me tell you about this. this kid featured on the front page of the new york post was no killer. but his mom says cops treated
5:40 am
him like one. police officers haul the 7-year-old out of his classroom and handcuffed him to a pipe for a number of hours and then taken to the cop shop where he was interrogated. his family says for ten hours. the reason? he was accused of scooping up five dollars from the playground that didn't belong to him. the charges were dropped when another classmate admitted the theft. his family is now filing a $250 million lawsuit against the new york city police department. the drama with liberal activist george soros and his soap star ex girlfriends renewed for another season. new york judge rejecting the 82-year-old's request to dismiss a $50 million suit by her. the 29-year-old says soros reneged on his promise to buy her a nearly $2 million apartment. and assaulted her when she complained. and you know the saying, no pain, no gain?
5:41 am
these people prove that it's true. ♪ i'm so excited ♪ and i just can't hide it ♪ i know, i know, i know i know, i want to ♪ ♪ . >> steve: wait for it. wait for it. latest viral video shows the dangers of people trying to get in shape for the new year posted yesterday, already has tens of thousands of hits. like that one. all right. over to you two. >> brian: going to be hard to sell gym membership today. think men are the only ones who enjoy sunday super bowl in think again. >> gretchen: nearly half of the 111 million people who watched last year were women. here to show us the latest super bowl fashion are co-founders of a shoe store and so much more. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so you're dressed as a fan of the ravens and the 49ers. so tell bus your line of clothes. >> it's funny, we came up with a concept at an indianapolis colts game.
5:42 am
we're huge football fans. we felt like there was a void in the market because every day we would get dressed up from head to toe. >> brian: you were wearing guy stuff! there was no women wear. >> which is so tough. but the nfl is doing a great job marketing to the female fan and knowing there was a void in the market. now they're coming out with great form fitting jerseys now which nike is doing and like i said, we were dressed head to knee and didn't know what shoes to wear. so we went to the nfl, banged on their door. >> brian: first you bedazzled us with your sweatshirt. you have to order that. >> right. you can buy this. >> brian: your boots? >> so i'm kind of representing more of like the sporty fan. this is for the fan who is actually going to the game, wants to be more flop buoyant. this is called our enthusiast boot. it has two logos. ladies, if you're team didn't make it to the super bowl, we do these for all 32 teams. >> gretchen: okay. and you're representing the 49ers? >> i am. >> gretchen: you wouldn't be this sporty type that would be
5:43 am
going to the game? >> i'm more a fashionable fan. if you are headed to new orleans, you are in a dome. so you have the opportunity to dress up. >> brian: wear heels. >> exactly. 2003 these. it's a four-inch wedge, but very comfortable. we do the logo on the front and we do little crystals as well to make for a feminine touch. >> brian: behind you you have other form of boots. you got the 49ers with a bit of its square. somewhat of a cold weather boot. which one will we -- which we will need next year. >> exactly. it's an animal friendly collection. we use all synthetic suede. >> brian: no squirrel. >> no monkey. >> gretchen: do the vikings come in purple? >> they don't. everything comes in tan. just 'cause the colors pop of the we do the nfl shield on the back. it's fun touch. these are cavalier cut. they come below the calf. every female fan can wear these. >> gretchen: where can people get these?
5:44 am
>> shop under your team. we do the crystallized oversized logo again with every team and these will be on >> brian: you just went up to the nfl, you had an idea, you made it happen. you're business people and everyone should take a lesson. entrepreneurs now in business with the nfl. good job. >> you make it sound so easy. >> brian: i'll tell steve you said that. >> gretchen: president obama one of the few american presidents with no military experience, if he had spent time in the service, would he have done things different? >> brian: then calling all green thumbs. there is a job open for a pot consultant. really? really [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
5:45 am
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>> brian: president obama one of the few american presidents with absolute leno military experience. if he had spent time in the service, would he do things differently? for past presidents like dwight d. eisenhower, their time shaped their time in office and taught them the leadership foundation that made them outstanding presidents. etch thomas is the author of a great book called "ike's bluff, his secret battle to save the world." evan, i read the book and i think it was a book that things aren't as they appear. he looked amiable, playing out the string, liked to golf, did little. he was hands on, extremely confident d. a lot. correct? >> yeah, we think of ike as being this sleepy old guy who played golf. not at all. he was tough. he was crude. he could be devious when he had to be. he was a hands on guy, but he worked behind the scenes. he was not out front. he operated by kind of hidden hand presidency. >> brian: it not resent working with congress. did not hesitate to take on his
5:49 am
party. >> no, he didn't. he didn't love the republican majority leader who he thought was not the brightest guy in the world. he was willing to work with democrats, particularly southern democrats, lbj and rayburn. he worked both sides of the aisle. he liked to get things done. >> brian: a lot of people didn't know if he was a democrat or republican. can you compare him to today's president? you know the challenge this president has. what do you think the president could learn by pucking up a book and reading your book, for example? >> a couple of things. these are different men and different times. but obama can be a little cocky, a little peevish sometimes much that was not ike's style. ike was extremely confident, extremely confident, but he had the confidence to be humble. he knew when to be modest. he didn't like to show off. he liked to give credit to others. those are very valuable leadership lessons and if obama, as he does, wants to cut the defense budget, he could look a little to ike. ike, well-known fact, president eisenhower at the height of the cold war cut the defense budget
5:50 am
by 20%. he did it by being shrewd about what to spend money on and what not to because he knew the military, after all, he had been airplane chief of staff and a general. he knew where the soft stuff was and he went after it. obama could learn from that. >> brian: you have to put the time in with congress. they're not going to do exactly what you want, so you got to put the time in to cut the deals or push them, persuade them your direction. >> yeah. and the way to do that again is by being modest and meeting halfway and not taking all the credit and being a little subtle about it. and being patient. eisenhower was enormously patient, the quality i wish i had more of and most us wish we had more. he would only decide things when he absolutely had to and he would wait. let the other side make their case. but then he moved. and he meant business. >> brian: he ended up making up with truman and beingen asset so jfk, even when he was out of office, everyone still looked up to him. evan thomas, "ike's bluff "q it's amazing how much we could use a guy like ike today in a
5:51 am
leadership position. thanks so much for your time. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, there are certain things all new moms need to know. the dos and don'ts are next. first let's check in with somebody really important. going by the name martha mccallum. >> a little late. but thank you, brian. so coming up, senator jeff blake is part of the group of eight senators who are at the center of immigration reform. he joins us. he'll also be at the big hearing next hour in terms of the showdown on gun control. a man is holding a six-year-old. he grabbed off of a bus to the horror of the other kids on that bus. there is now a police stand-off going on. this is a big story. we're going to take threw. bill and i will see you at the top of the hour [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> steve: fox news alert for you now. a tornado warning is in effect
5:55 am
for atlanta, georgia, and surrounding areas until 9:00 o'clock this morning. heavy rain and winds, also expected. meteorologists saying the state could see flash flooding. washington state in other news is looking for a pot consultant. the ideal candidate should know things like how it's best grown, dried, tested and cooked into pot brownies. washington recently approving pot for recreational use. gretch? >> gretchen: don't you wish babies came with an instruction manual? here with advice for all the new moms out there, dr. dolan, the author of the new book "healthy mom, healthy baby, the ultimate pregnancy guide in according nation with the march of dimes." good to see you. i know you as shavon. but i think what's so important about this book, there are so many advice books for parents, what to do when you're pregnant, but you want to separate the medical evidence from the advice. >> that's right. we want to give women both
5:56 am
because we think women enjoy having both. but we want to be clear. what's medical evidence and what's personal advice? >> gretchen: let's start with the flu shot because this has been a big hot topic, especially this year. what is the medical advice when you're pregnant? >> what we know about flu shot is that actually the vaccine is safe and effective during pregnancy. what we are learning from more and more data that comes out is that getting the flu vaccine doesn't represent a challenge or pose risks to you or the baby. but getting the flu actually does. women who become ill with the flu while pregnant have a greater risk of respiratory complications, meaning icu admissions and sadly death. >> gretchen: interesting thing about the vaccine is it covers your baby when it's out of you for six months. >> that's right. because babies who were born right after the their mom got vaccinated had passive immunity. so that actually protects them in those first six months when they're quite vulnerable. >> gretchen: really important, caffeine and alcohol?
5:57 am
>> sometimes the messages get confused. a little caffeine is a problem, a little alcohol is n. that's not the case. caffeine in moderation is okay during pregnancy. so one cup of coffee day, something like that, is really fine. alcohol, not the case. there is no safe level of alcohol during pregnancy. so we advise women to entirely cut out alcohol while pregnant. >> gretchen: this is a big hot topic. antidepressants. you were saying 90% of women when they become pregnant are on some sort of medication. that is unbelievable. what's the advice on antidepressants? >> that's right. so 90% on any medication. not just on antidepressants, but a lot of women are entering reproductive years or thinking about pregnancy and on a medication for depression or anxiety. so the message there is see your doctor, your provider before you become pregnant. talk to them about your plans and make sure you get to a medication that controls your mental health symptoms. but make you in the safest position possible to become pregnant. >> gretchen: right. healthy mom, healthy baby. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me.
5:58 am
>> gretchen: for "fox & friends" two minutes away ♪ alright, let's go. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™.
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